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xnerdbeardx said: Love your stuff! Cheers!

I’m just a person who loves their products so decided to make a tumblr dedicated to them, i’m not personally involved with the actual products or company. :)

If you have questions about anything regarding stretched ears feel free to leave it in my ask. +

thegoldenb0y-deactivated2012121 said: whats the biggest you can start on when you first decide to stretch your ears?

It depends. If you already have your ears pierced you can buy a kit that stretches from a 14g to a 0g. Normal ear piercings are usually at an 18 or a 16g. Or you can go to a local piercing shop and see what the biggest size they can pierce your ear is.

I personally started from a standard ear piercing and stretched to a 14g it hurt only because i think i was pierced at an 18g and i skipped a size going to a 14g.

Anything else?